Welcome to the archives for The Yahell Hymnal...  The parodies might be the same...but my hatred of Yahoo grows more each day...  The songs will be placed in alphabetical order instead of the order they appeared in the hymnal...but otherwise they're the same as before...  I also thought this would give a reprieve to those of you who don't want to go through all three sites to view the parodies...

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When You Say You're Leaving Yahoo
(To "When You Say I Beg Your Pardon, Then I'll Come Back To You" by Jack Benny)

When you say you're leaving Yahoo
Then I'll be proud of you
If they want you to forgive them, don't return
Just leave Yahoo from Serrano
And leave from Capistrano...
The fires from hell in there will always burn...

When they told you that they're sorry
That should cause you to flee
'Cause they return to the same substandard work
My friends I'm glad you've parted
That site where glitches started
Took over by those groups run by jerks

2-16-2003 Ludwig van Catt

I will be making a few updates within the next few days...including a major piece that's taken about 3 months of work... Those of you in YaPurgatory already have the sneak peek at the work...but I think there were a few typos in it at the time...as I really didn't have the time to check it... The corrected version will be placed in here... There will be a few new parodies as well...just watch for the updates...

When you get the time
Whether at three or four
In the afternoon or the morning...
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Last updated: 8/16/03